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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

Online Intervention to Reduce COVID-19 Anxiety and Predict Mental Health Trajectories Over Time

Bethany Teachman, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Psychology
Laura Barnes, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Engineering Systems and Environment

The study designed by Bethany Teachman and Laura Barnes will evaluate whether COVID-19-related anxiety can be reduced using an online intervention program, and what factors predict resilience or worsening mental health over time. They will offer a new version of their MindTrails program to 500 people who are high in anxiety and then track their progress, both over the course of the 5-week intervention, and then for 6 months afterward.

“Without this award, it would not be possible for us to recruit and track these individuals over time, so the grant is central to us learning what factors predict better or worse long-term mental health following COVID-19,” said Dr. Teachman.

Grant Date/Year: 
May, 2020