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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research


Global infectious disease core functional areas

Multidisciplinary approach to Infectious Diseases Research

The UVA Global Infectious Disease Institute facilitates collaborative research and education to understand, detect, and treat globally prominent infectious disease threats. These threats include potential pandemic agents, antimicrobial resistance, and enteric infections in children. Our goal is to support teams of scholars from across Grounds and across the world to achieve something greater than any individual could accomplish alone.


To accomplish this goal, GIDI:

  • nucleates the formation of new teams

  • provides funding support for new and existing teams to pursue collaborative research

  • assists in identifying and pursuing extramural funding opportunities in global infectious diseases

  • contributes to the training of the next generation of global infectious diseases experts, and

  • provides preeminent subject matter expertise to the University, the community, and entities worldwide