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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

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Impact of Strategic Behavior on Inequities in Health Outcomes during COVID-19

Haifeng Xu, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Computer Science
Deborah Hellman, Professor, School of Law
Achla Marathe, Professor of Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing
Anil Vullikanti, Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Network Systems Science
Charlottesville, Virginia

Inequities in health and economic outcomes have been widely observed during COVID-19 pandemic. This proposal seeks to understand, characterize and intervene these inequities through game-theoretic agent modeling. This project is a unique collaboration among a very multi-disciplinary team with expertise in computer science (AI, machine learning, social networks, and optimization), computational epidemiology, health economics, law and philosophy.

Grant Date/Year: 
October, 2020