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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

GIDI-UP: Summer Research Award for Undergraduate-Pre/Postdoctoral Fellow Pairs

The GIDI-UP Summer Research Award supports undergraduates who are paired with predoctoral or postdoctoral fellow mentors, who together are conducting research in alignment with GIDI’s mission and purview. The project is supervised by faculty who are GIDI members. The goal of the award is to enhance the research training of the undergraduate and the research and mentorship capacity of the pre/postdoctoral mentor.

Eighteen GIDI-UP awards have been made for Summer 2022.


  • Ryan Kenyon, Undergraduate Student
  • Karl Ocius, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Marcos Pires, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Varun Pasupuleti, Undergraduate Student
  • Joseph Ficarrotta, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Jason Papin, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Caroline Webb, Undergraduate Student
  • Noah Brown, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Jennifer Guler, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Christina George, Undergraduate Student
  • Lillian Dillard, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Jason Papin, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Betelihem Habtegebrael, Undergraduate Student
  • Laura Odongo and Katelyn Kraichely, Pre/Postdoc Mentors
  • Lukas Tamm, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Lila Murphy, Undergraduate Student
  • Yufeng Song, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Steve Zeichner, MD, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Tylar Schmitt, Undergraduate Student
  • María A. Larrazábal, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Bethany Teachman, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Mary Lewis Simpson, Undergraduate Student
  • Shiwei Liu, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Jennifer Guler, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Suemin Yang, Undergraduate Student
  • Deiziane Viana da Silva Costa, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Cirle Warren, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Liam Whitted, Undergraduate Student
  • Godfrey Dzhivhuho, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Marie-Louise Hammarskjold, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Divya Kalluri, Undergraduate Student
  • Maria Geba, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Tania Thomas, MD, MPH, Faculty Supervisor
  • Chloe Kline, Undergraduate Student
  • Josh Colston, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Margaret Kosek, MD, Faculty Supervisor
  • Yadidiya Assefa Gudina, Undergraduate Student
  • John Moore, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Nathan Swami, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Caroline Tyndall, Undergraduate Student
  • Olivia de Cuba, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Andreas Gahlmann, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Peyton John Hamlett, Undergraduate Student
  • Tochukwu Ozulumba, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Rebecca Pompano, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Caitlin McSorley, Undergraduate Student
  • Olivia Murtagh, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Ku-Lung Hsu, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Emily Roberts, Undergraduate Student
  • Joey Kelly, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Marcos Pires, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor
  • Jaisimar Singh, Undergraduate Student
  • Fabiane Mundim, Pre/Postdoc Mentor
  • Amanda Gibson, Ph.D., Faculty Supervisor