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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

COVID-19 Impacts on Rural Populations

P. Preston Reynolds, School of Medicine, General Medicine, Geriatrics and Palliative Care
Peggy Scott, School of Medicine, Cancer Center
Frank Dukes, School of Architecture, Institute for Environmental Negotiation
This project was awarded Undergraduate Research Award Supplement

The team will study the impact of COVID-19 on rural communities with both a survey and qualitative interviews. Their hypothesis is that the geographical distribution of rural populations slows disease transmission, and that the geographic separation of individuals in rural populations means that these populations do not need to alter their behavior as much as urban populations do in order to achieve social distancing. But also since the wide-spread social distancing policies stress an already fragile rural private and public sector infrastructure (scarce internet access; uneven access to food and clean water) this paradoxically exposes rural populations to greater risks and impacts. 

Grant Date/Year: 
May, 2020