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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

About GIDI

Established in 2017, The Global Infectious Diseases Institute brings together over 140 UVA researchers who are invested in combating infectious diseases worldwide. We have collaborations on six continents and are engaging local and global communities in infectious disease research, from fundamental mechanisms of disease, to diagnostics and treatment approaches and their appropriate implementation, to understanding the policy, legal, and economic implications of infectious diseases throughout the world.

GIDI began and has remained a grass-roots initiative, driven by our members’ motivation to forge new research partnerships, to create new knowledge, and to develop research activities that are greater than the sum of individual efforts. GIDI's successes are showcased each time our members engage in multidisciplinary research, participate in cross-Grounds teaching, and collaboratively mentor students and postdoctoral fellows. GIDI supports all these activities by offering competitive funding mechanisms, nucleating new research teams, and providing the tools for members to successfully conduct interdisciplinary research.