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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

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The goal of the GIDI iGrant Program is to support innovative, impactful research conducted by individuals. Consistent with GIDI's mission, these projects will promote trans-disciplinary research and extend GIDI's national and international footprint in infectious disease research.


United States
  • Herve Agaisse, PhD (SOM)
  • Andreas Gahlmann, PhD (CLAS)
  • Huiwang Ai, PhD (SOM)

We will test the hypothesis that before reaching the colon where it is an intracellular pathogen, S. flexneri develops an extracellular life style on biofilm information in the small intestine.

United States
  • Jason Papin, PhD (SOM)
  • Lisa Colosi Peterson, PhD (SEAS)
  • Peter M. Kasson, MD, PhD (SOM)

The study of emergence of antibiotic resistance in real-life by modeling complex microbial communities, characterizing resistance in wastewater treatment, and simulating drug-protein interactions.

United States
  • Sebastian Tello-Trillo, PhD (Batten)
  • Jessica Keim Malpass, PhD, RN (SON)
  • Rebecca A. Dillingham, MD (SOM)

This project will use econometrics methods to investigate the effects of the Affordable Care Act's dependent mandate on HIV viral suppression for people living with HIV ages 23-28 in Virginia.