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Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research

2018 Seed Grant Awardees

Microbial culture-independent rapid phenotyping of antibiotic resistance and susceptibility.

Nathan Swami (SEAS), Jason Papin (SOM), and Steven Zeichner (SOM).

Translating discovery to therapy: Customization and delivery of multifunctional chemokine-derived peptides for treating wound infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens. 

Molly Hughes (SOM), Shayn Pierce-Cotter (SOM), Donald Griffin (SEAS), and Bob Nakamoto (SOM).

Personalized medicine for Clostridium difficile infection with real-time diagnosis of microbiome and antibiotic resistance profiles. 

Martin Wu (CLAS), Ann Hays (SOM), Cirle Warren (SOM), and Hoang Sook (SOM).

Predicting antibiotic resistance. 

Farzad Hassanzadeh (SEAS) and Jason Papin (SOM).

Identifying fusion-blocking and broadly-neutralizing antibodies against Zika virus. 

Peter Kasson (SOM), Daniel Engel (SOM), and Rebecca Popmano (CLAS).

Defining the roles of inflammasomes in congenital Zika virus infection. 

John Lukens (SOM) and Young Hahn (SOM).