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Global Infectious Diseases Institute

Reducing the Impact of Infectious Diseases by Supporting Trans-Disciplinary Academic Research
ELICIT (Early Life Interventions for Childhood Growth and Development in Tanzania

Early Life Interventions for Childhood Growth and Development in Tanzania

UVA's Drs. McDermid and DeBoer are part a team conducting a clinical trial to improve the health and development of infants living in a region with a high burden of enteric infectious diseases. Read more about this Gates Foundation funded trial here: ELICI Clinical Trial Photo credit:  Mark DeBoer

Single-molecule tracking in live Yersinia

Single-molecule tracking in live Yersinia

Type 3 secretion system (T3SS) injectisomes are membrane-embedded multiprotein assemblies used for inter-kingdom transfer of proteins from bacterial pathogens into eukaryotic cells. Read the article here Single-Molecule Tracking in live Yersinia and read more here about the Gahlmann Lab.

Cryoelectron micrograph of E. coli Type 1 pili

Structure of the type 1 pilus

GIDI member Edward Egelman is using Cryoelectron Microscopy to solve biological structures including type 1 pili of uropathogenic E. coli, which is responsible for most urinary tract infections in the world. Courtesy of Weili Zheng and Edward Egelman.


Single-cell electro-phenotyping

The global rise of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains and antibiotic persistence has spurred an urgent need for technologies capable of rapidly screening susceptibility of particular strains to key antibiotics, preferably without requiring time-consuming microbial culture steps New publication from the Swami lab.Read more: Rohani et al., 2018



GIDI iGrant Funding Opportunity

GIDI Lunches a new funding opportunity for Faculty, lecturers, postdoctoral research associates, and graduate students interested in fostering multidisciplinary infectious disease research. Individuals outside of STEM are especially encouraged to apply.APPLY

09/13/2018 - 1:00pm

The Global Infectious Disease Institute (GIDI) announces a call for its iGrant Program. The goal of the iGrant Program is to support innovative, impactful research conducted by individuals.

Emma Mitchell VNF Awardee

Mitchell - a community health nurse - studies cervical cancer screening methods in underserved rural communities in both domestic and international populations.

08/21/2018 - 3:45pm

Assistant professor Emma Mitchell-who studies the HPV vaccine, novel cervical cancer screening methods, and co-directs the School's Global Initiatives office - has been named to the Virginia Nurses Association's (VNA) "40 Under 40" Awardees for 2018.

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"We need concerted responses to handling notorious and urgent global infectious diseases."

-Alison Criss, Director

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